Last Update: 10:28 - Monday - November 27th 2017.

Calendar for 2017.2

The lectures of the SED take place usually on Wednesdays from 15:30 to 16:30 in the Airton Silva Auditorium (Room 007) of the Maths Department building at UFSC.

Date Lecturer Institute Title
23/aug/2017 Ruy Coimbra Charão UFSC The system of elastic waves with nonconstant damping coefficient in unbounded domains
30/aug/2017 - - -
06/sep/2017 Miguel A. Alejo UFSC Nonlinear Stability of Gardner Breathers
13/sep/2017 Matheus Bortolan UFSC Skew-product semiflow in dynamical systems
20/sep/2017 Matheus C. Bortolan UFSC Skew-product semiflow in dynamical systems: A nonautonomous parabolic equation
27/sep/2017 Jáuber C. de Oliveira UFSC Existence of weak time-periodic solutions for a magnetohydrodynamic system
04/oct/2017 - - -
11/oct/2017 - - -
18/oct/2017 Francis F. Cordova Puma UFSC - Blumenau Propriedades assintóticas de modelos de misturas e sistemas híbridos
25/oct/2017 Edson C. Vargas Junior Doutorado - UFSC A generalized Fourier transform, properties and difficulties
01/nov/2017 Edson C. Vargas Junior Doutorado - UFSC A generalized Fourier transform, properties and difficulties (Part II)
08/nov/2017 Maria Nilde Fernandes Barreto Frederico Doutorado - UFSC Regularity of Solutions for a Magnetoelastic System in Two-Dimensional Bounded Domains
15/nov/2017 - - -
22/nov/2017 Thales Maier UFSC - Joinville Semicontinuidade superior para equações de ondas não autônomas com condição de fronteira da acústica.
29/nov/2017 - - -
06/dec/2017 Rafael dos Reis Abreu UFSC - Blumenau Existence of ground state solution for an elliptic problem with critical growth in an exterior domain

About the Seminars

The SED is composed by weekly lectures, presented by researches on the fields of Differential Equations and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, and its goal is to inform researchers and Math graduate students about the recent research developments on these areas.

Graduate Department

Head Chief: Prof. Ruy Coimbra Charão
E-mail: ruy.charao@ufsc.br

First Assistant: Elisa Barbosa Amaral
E-mail: elisa.amaral@ufsc.br

Second Assistant: Érica Flores
E-mail: erica.flores@ufsc.br

Current Coordinator

Prof. Miguel Ángel Alejo Plana

E-mail: miguel.alejo@ufsc.br
Home: sites.google.com/site/miguelalejo/
Phone: +55 (48) 3721-3597

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