Arriving in Florianopolis by car

Follow the green line marked in the map of Florianopolis (which you may invoke clicking here) from point (A) to point (I). Detailed instructions are as follows:

  • Point (A): Driving on BR-101 (the main North-South highway in southern Brazil) exit at the main Florianopolis exit, near the 205 kilometer post.

  • From point (A) to point (B) - 6.5km: You are on "Via Expressa", a divided highway which will eventually lead you to the bridge connecting the continent to the insular portion of Florianopolis.

  • Point(B): Exit to the right immediately after the bridge.

  • From point (B) to point (C) - 0.7km: Following the main traffic you will be driving over and under several overpasses eventually reaching a traffic light.

  • Point (C): Turn left at the traffic light following the signs to "Praias do Norte" and "Jurere".

  • From point (C) to point (D) - 5.7km: You are on "Beira Mar Avenue", a divided boulevard. After going under the old suspension bridge you will see tall apartment buildings to the right hand side and the sea to the left. At some point the sea will no longer be visible, being replaced by a densely vegetated swampy area. There are alligators here! Shortly afterward you will see an overpass.

  • Point (D): Exit to the right getting onto the overpass.

  • From point (D) to point (E) - 1.0km: You are on a divided avenue with vegetation on both sides. Keep to your left!

  • Point (E): Keeping to your left you will automatically enter SC-401, the main local highway leading to the north of the island.

  • From point (E) to point (F) - 12.5km : SC-401 is a divided highway. Lots of curves, urban and rural areas. Please drive carefully since many accidents happen here.

  • Point (F): Exit to the right getting onto the overpass leading to "Jurere" and "Daniela" beaches.

  • From point (F) to point (G) - 3km: You are now driving on SC-402, a single lane highway with vegetation on both sides.

  • Point (G): Regardless of signs showing "Jurere Internacional" to the left, you should keep to the right here.

  • From point (G) to point (H) - 2km: Your single lane highway will lead you to an urban area.

  • Point (H): Turn left one block after the traffic light.

  • From point (H) to point (I) - 0.5km: The sea will be on your right.

  • Point (I): The Hotel is the tall building on the right hand side of the road (here is a picture).

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