Third announcement sent out on July 3, 2006. 

		    Florianopolis, 24-28 July 2006
		      ICMP Satellite Conference

Dear Colleague,

This is the third announcement for the BRAZILIAN OPERATOR ALGEBRAS
CONFERENCE to be held in Florianopolis, Brazil, from 24-28 July, 2006.

In case you have not yet seen the previous two announcements, they are
available through links on the conference main page
(  Please make sure to also read the "General
Information" links.


There will be a cocktail for participants at the conference hotel on
Sunday, July 23, from 6 to 8pm.  There will be free food, soft drinks
and beer!  A registration desk will be available during the cocktail
where you may pick up your material and pay your registration fee.

*** BANQUETS ***
There were so many options for banquets that we were forced to
organize TWO!  

The first one will be on Tuesday evening.  We will take a leisure 10
minute walk from the hotel along the beach to "El Gran Comilon" in
order to taste some of the islands seafood specialties!  There will be
non-seafood options also.

There will be a van to take participants to the restaurant if they
prefer not to walk or in case it rains.

The second banquet is planned for Thursday evening.  This time we will
go to "Meu Cantinho", a well known barbecue place in the continent.
The menu will consist of several different types of meat.

The cost of each banquet will be around R$ 45.00 per person, excluding
beverages.  Please be prepared to pay for the banquets when you


Weather permitting we will take Wednesday off to go to "Ilha de
Anhatomirim", where we will visit a fortress built by the Portuguese
in the 1700's to protect the bay from the Spanish (see for some more information).  The
trip consists of an hour long boat ride each way, lunch in the island,
and a visit to the fortress.  The scenery is fantastic!  The price per
person is yet to be determined and should be payed upon registration.


We are planning to organize vans to take participants from the airport
to the hotel.  Please keep us informed of your flight details so that
we know when to pick you up.  The price per person in the vans is
expected to be much less than a taxi ride.

Please direct any further questions or special requests to Ruy
Exel (

Looking forward to your visit here in July!!

Yours sincerely,
Ruy Exel