Workshop on Functional Analysis and Dynamical Systems - FADYS

February 23-27, 2015 in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Supported by the project 085/2012 of the program Ciência sem Fronteiras of CAPES, Brazil (Daniel Gonçalves, coordinator; Vladimir Pestov, special visiting researcher).

Dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Prof. Thierry Giordano.

CECB Thierry Giordano is one of the finest Canadian mathematicians working in Operator Algebras and Dynamical Systems, and his research encompasses topological dynamics, ergodic theory, tiling theory, von Neumann algebras, C* algebras and random walk theory, as well as theory of infinite-dimensional groups of transformations. Lately, Thierry has also been active in the subjects of applied mathematics and quantum information theory.
Thierry has published papers in the very best journals such as Advances, Inventiones, JAMS, plus many other very good specialized journals (JFA, JOT). Thierry's ongoing collaboration with his coworkers Putnam and Skau (and Matui) is probably the most impressing - his most cited paper (the spectacular 137 citations according to MathSciNet!) is with the same group of coauthors.
Thierry's 1981 doctorate degree is from the Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and after a number of fixed-term appointments in Switzerland and Canada, Thierry has settled in a tenure-track position at the University of Ottawa in 1991, where he is now a Full Professor of Mathematics (since 1999) and a Vice-Dean of Science.
Beyond his being a very successful researcher, Thierry is also a very brilliant administrator. He has been dean and vice-dean of the faculty of science at uOttawa, and his devotion to serving the mathematical community through organization of conferences and various research programs is exemplary. In particular, the present close working relationship between the Operator Algebra Group at UFSC and Analysis Research Group at the University of Ottawa is largely due to Thierry's efforts.
Thierry is a regular visitor to Florianópolis, and his talks and mini-courses given here make it clear why he is also considered an excellent teacher and is a winner of major teaching prizes: the presentation is always crystal clear and very inspiring.
In Floripa, Thierry is and will always be considered as one of us, a local.

Happy Birthday Thierry! - Bon Anniversaire ! - Feliz Aniversário!


The goal of the workshop is bring together researchers from several subfields of Functional Analysis and Dynamical Systems and related areas. The general idea is to motivate discussions among the participants and trigger new connections between these fascinating and inter-related fields of mathematical research.

Conference Venue

The workshop will take place in the beach suburb Praia dos Ingleses ("Beach of the English"), in the north of the island, in the hotel Praiatur, with whom we have negotiated special rates for the high season as follows:

- Single room - R$ 260,00 + 2,5% tax.
- Double room - R$ 288,00 + 2,5% tax.
- Triple room - R$ 375,00 + 2,5% tax.

Every participant should book his own room. February is high season in Florianópolis, so we recommend you book your room as soon as possible. To book your room at Praiatur hotel, send an email to and inform in the email that you are a participant of the event "Workshop on Functional Analysis and Dynamical Systems". Then inform also the date for your reservation, type of room you want to book, and number of guests for the room (in case you want to bring your partner or share the room with someone), informing the name of all guests for the room.


Please submit the abstracts via the Atlas Conferences Abstract Submission Page. The current deadline for abstract submissions is Sunday Feb. 1.
You can view the abstracts already submitted on this page.

Schedule of Talks

Conference Booklet

Electronic Conference Proceedings


We ask everyone to register. To register please download this text file, fill it out using your favourite text editor, save it as text (please avoid unnecessarily complicated editor formats) and e-mail it as an attachment to Alcides Buss (alcides.buss at ufsc dot br). Alternatively you may copy and paste it directly on your mail editor and send it to us as the body of your message. In this case a "plain text" message is preferred over "rich formatting". The registration deadline is January 31. It is important to provide your date and time of arrival in the registration form. We will try to organize transfers from the airport.

Registration fees

There will be a registration fee, payable upon arrival, as follows:

Students: R$ 50.00
Postdocs: R$ 100.00
Faculty: R$ 150.00

Registration fees should be paid in Reals (the local currency), either in cash or Brazilian checks. We are not prepared to deal with credit cards, foreign checks or foreign currency.


Alejandro Maass
Alexandre Baraviera
Artur Lopes
Bergfinnur Durhuus
Brice Rodrigue Mbombo Dempowo
Bruno Brogni Uggioni
Charles Starling
Christian Skau
Christina Brech
Claire Anantharaman Delaroche
Dana Bartosova
Eduardo Garibaldi
Eduardo Scarparo
Felipe Augusto Tasca
Fernando Leandro
Gabriela Yoneda
Gilles Castro
Giuliano Boava
James Mingo
Joachim Cuntz
Jordi López-Abad
Leandro Candido
Luiz Cordeiro
Magdalena Musat
Maria Isabel Cortez
Maria Ramirez Solano
Michael Schraudner
Mikael Rordam
Misha Dokuchaev
Nilson da Costa Bernardes Jr
Omar Selim
Paulinho Demenegui
Rodrigo Bissacot
Rohit Holkar
Rufus Willett
Ruy Exel
Siegfried Echterhoff
Thierry Giordano
Tristan Bice
Vadim Kaimanovich
Valentin Ferenczi

Additional Information

For more information, please contact one of the local organizers:

Alcides Buss (alcides.buss at ufsc dot br),
Daniel Gonçalves (daniel.goncalves at ufsc dot br),
Marcelo Sobottka (marcelo.sobottka at ufsc dot br).
Vladimir Pestov (vpest283 at uottawa dot ca),

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