Workshop on Functional Analysis and Dynamical Systems - FADYS

February 23-27, 2015 in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Electronic Conference Proceedings

  • Artur O. Lopes - Phase transitions

  • Bergfinnur Durhuus - Random walks on random graphs

  • Brice Rodrigue Mbombo - The group of linear isometries of the Gurarij space is extremely amenable

  • Claire Anantharaman Delaroche - Discrete group actions preserving a proper metric. Amenability and property (T)

  • Dana Bartosova - Ramsey theory and the group of homeomorphisms of the Lelek fan

  • Eduardo Scarparo - Supramenability of a group and tracial states on partial crossed products

  • Jamie Mingo - Freeness and Graph Sums

  • Jordi Lopez-Abad - Approximate Ramsey properties of finite dimensional normed spaces

  • Leandro Candido - On the concept of n-diversity and the Banach spaces C(K^n)

  • Michael H. Schraudner - Strongly aperiodic SFTs on the (discrete) Heisenberg group

  • Misha Dokuchaev - Partial Galois cohomology, Picard semigroups and the relative Brauer group

  • Omar Selim - Some calculations concerning Talagrand's submeasure

  • Rodrigo Bissacot - A Large Deviation Principle for Gibbs States on countable Markov shifts at zero temperature

  • Rufus Willett - Dynamic Asymptotic Dimension

  • Valentin Ferenczi - On maximality of bounded groups on Banach spaces and on the Hilbert space

  • If you want to contribute to the proceedings, please send an email to Alcides Buss (alcides.buss at ufsc dot br)

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